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Finding houses for rent in Francistown

When it comes to real estate, Francistown is now gaining its foothold in Botswana. New spaghetti road, new stadium and upcoming CBD serviced by Economic stimulus programme(ESP) are transforming the city into an ideal place to live in. Over 100 housing units are scheduled to be built from the ESP program. Investments coming in will result in even better housing and transportation, key factors renters and buyers look into when deciding to find their next home.

Francistown, also known as Ghetto, is a relatively affordable place to live in. Especially when it comes to house rent . In fact, there are more people renting properties in Francistown than owning. Interestingly, it is still possible to get a rental house from BHC, which offers low, medium and high income family dwellings. Regardless of your budget, you are sure to find a house that suits you in Francistown. Housing affordability has never been an issue in Ghetto.

Where to find property rentals posts

  • Visiting local malls to view house listings. Most neighbourhoods have local shopping malls where people can freely advertise their properties.
  • Walking in the neighbhourhood checking for empty houses. Most popular way of finding your next rental in Francistown.
  • Through referrals, having your friends help you find a house for rent.
  • Lately there has been facebook pages listing properties.
  • Lastly and most importantly, on RentBW. We have plenty of housing options for everyone. You can even share properties listed on RentBW with your friends in facebook.

How much it costs

Depending on where you want to live and budget, Francistown has all kinds of accomodation options. The high density areas, Monarch, Block 1, Block 2, Somerset and Kgaphamadi have a lot of affordable accomodation options. Despite the high concentration of people, its relatively safe to live in this areas. Affordable and decent houses can be found for P500 a month. A reasonable price even for low income earners.

Selepa, Molapo and Gwizi estates offer high end accomodation options. Nice houses with modern amenities are concretated in this areas. Accomodation here can be expensive, going to as high as P15,000 per month. To find a bigger house with same amenities but at a resonable price, it better to look in areas which have moderate population density, e.g Block 4, 5,6,7,8,9 and 10, Gerald and Satelite.

Safety in Francistown

Since 2012, crime rate has been decreasing in Francistown. Great news for those living in the city. The high density areas experience slightly higher rates of crime than the low density areas. Though there are none "NO-GO" areas, it is advisable not to travel at night around the neighbourhoods. In addition, there are plenty of police patrols in and around the city to help curb petty crimes.

Transportation in Francistown

Transportation is fairly organized in Francistown. The CBD is at the center of the city therefore it is easy to connect to all other areas. Prices for combies and taxis, even special taxis are standard unlike in Gaborone where prices of special taxis can greatly vary. Only a few areas don't have reliable transportation especially Molapo Estates.

Francistown's hot rental neighbourhoods

Gerald Estates

The suburb to benefit the most from ESP, a new CBD will be built in this bubbly suburb. Gerald Estates was setup to cater for the people who were relocated from inner Francistown, making way for developments in the city and giving squatters an opportunity to own plots. It’s on the outskirts of the city, where you can enjoy peace and tranquility.

When it comes to renting, Gerald Estates has more to offer. Affordable housing and well planned. Despite the commute to the city, renting in Gerald Estates can be fulfilling, in terms of getting your money’s worth.